If your car engine could not be start when you turn the ignition switch to start position, it might be cause by a malfunctioned immobilizer system. A malfunctioned immobilizer system will show the below signs:
1. Steering column is locked even the key has been inserted, meter cluster show warning of "Steering lock system malfunction".
2. Indcator light in meter cluster not lighting up after turning the key to "ACC" position.
3. Remote battery flat, poor contact on the positive/negative battery terminals, water/oil get into the remote.
4. Immobilizer could not be disarm due to faulty remote or faulty receiver unit causing the car unable to start.
5. If confirmed the immobilizer system is faulty, suggest to diagnose at the workshop, call for roadside assist if the car is unable to move.
Suggest to proceed to workshop for repair, usually the keypoints of diagnose are:
1. Check if the battery is faulty, recharge the battery if the battery is under charge or replace with new battery if it is deemed faulty. Suggest the car owner not to start the car frequently, avoid using cigarette lighter socket, CD player and other car electronic devices when the car is not started.
2. Check the battery on the remote, replace if the battery is low.
3. Use scan tool to check the immobilizer system, find the fault code and resolve it.
4. Start the engine to ensure the malfunction is resolved after repairing done.