1. If your car engine could not be start when you turn the ignition switch to start position, it might be cause by incorrect ignition timing.
2. Timing gear play the main role in car timing, which 1 side located at the camshaft and another side located at the crank shaft。 Normally the gear ratio is 2:1, so if there is 1 gear teeth different, it will usually occur advance ignition or delayed ignition, the engine vibrates, affecting the engine performance. If the different in number of gear teeth is a lot, it will make the valve shaft knocking the piston head causing the engine could not start, under severe condition it will cause the piston totalled or bend the valve shaft.
3. Inaccurate car timing will lead to unstable car idling, weak acceleration, or even blocking the valve. If delayed ignition, it will cause the engine hard to start or loss of power. If advance ignition, engine will produce "klak, klak" kind of metal colliding noise when there is sudden acceleration during the engine is running, which also will cause the engine suffer power loss, unstable idling.
Suggest to proceed to workshop for repair, usually the keypoints of diagnose are:
1. Check the working condition of spark plug in each cylinder.
2. Check the fuel hose pressure when there is adequate level of fuel in the fuel tank.
3. Check the high voltage cable, ignition coil, distributor and electronic ignition device, replace if necessary.
4. Check the ignition timing, if the timing is incorrect, proceed further check on ignition timing control system, replace if necessary.