1. If your car experiencing a sudden drop in tyre pressure, it could be a tyre puncture, slowly drive to a complete stop at a safe area, check if there are foreign substances puntured the tyre. If a foreign substances is seen, user could use soap water, or saliva if there is no other resources available and apply it at the surrounding of the foreign substances, observe if there is any bubble. If there is, that means the tire is experiecing air leakage, tyre repatch need to be done immediately.
2. If expericing a tyre puncture, owner should not pull out the foreign substances on its own, owner may observe if the air leakage is fast or slow. Car should be stop immediately if the air leakage is fast, replace with a spare tyre or wait for roadside assist. If forcefully continue driving, not only it will damage the entire tire and it might also endanger the safety of the car owner. If the air leakage is slow, driver should drive slowly to the nearest workshop for repairing service, remember not to drive at high speed on a high way or drive for long hours, otherwise the tire might explode which injure the car owner.
3. If experiencing a tyre puncture cause by a small foreign substances and it doesn't happen on the side wall, the tire can be repatch and continue to use. If the foreign substances punctured the tyre is big and happened on the side wall of the tyre, suggest to replace a new tyre.
Suggest to proceed to repair at workshop, usually the keypoints of diagnose are:
1. Check and adjust tyre pressure
2. Check tyre wear level and deteriorate condition. Replace the tyre if necessary.
3. Repairing done, proceed with alignment adjustment to ensure the tyre is in optimum driving angle on the car