If the tyre do not have sufficient air, it could be cause by a leaking tyre valve, and perhaps broken side or inner edge, foreign substance plunge into the tyre, deformation of sport rims protruding edge, broken sport rim surface or inner wall. Suggest you may replace the spare tire first, then proceed to repair at workshop as soon as possible.
Suggest to inflate or change to spare tyre, proceed to replace tyre at the workshop or call for roadside assist under severe condition. Under normal circumstances, the mechanic might suggest you to fix multiple problems of the car, please do not panic if you face such situation, you may read the repair checklist carefully and consult the mechanic on the root cause of the problems and the appropriate solution before they have your permission to proceed with the repair. Meanwhile, you could also upload the repair checklist to any transparent platform, create a profile for your car in order to trace back the record of the issues or consult for services.