Reasons of tight pedal feel (Too much pressure on the pedal):
1. Brake master pump or cylinder pump stucked.
2. ABS pump malfunction.
3. Brake hose clogged. Reasons of loose pedal feel (Low pressure on the pedal):
1. Poor braking system performance.
2. Air not bleed out in the braking system.
3. Brake fluid quality do not meet standard requirement.
4. Brake system leakage.
5. Over wear on the brake pad.
Suggest to repair at workshop, repair procedure as below:
1. Tight feeling on the pedal (Too much pressure on the pedal), suggest to check and repair brake master pump and cylinder pump. Check if the ABS pump is faulty or the brake hose is clogged.
2. Loose feeling on the pedal ( Low pressure on the pedal), suggest to replace brake fluid based on manufacturer standard, bleed out the air contain in the brake hose, especially ABS pump.