1. Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) and filter not replaced on time, or using a 3rd party brand ATF causing the oil pressure too low (or too high).
2. Improper handling or overloading the Automatic Transmission clutch causing the clutch disk burnt.
3. Worn fuel pump or leakage in main fuel hose, oil pressure too low, one way cluth skid.
4. Automatic transmission valve body faulty causing unstable oil pressure, oil leakage or stuck the control valve.
Suggest to repair at workshop, repair procedure as below:
1. Check if there is any error indicator light up.
2. Use the scan tool to read the data and fault code, run test on executing component if necessary to identify the preliminary root cause.
3. Check the quality and level of the Automatic Transmission Fluid if it meets the car manufacturer requirements.
4. Test the pressure of automatic transmission fluid, you may use a test rig if it is available, it can detect the problem more accurately.
5. Dismantle the automatic transmission, check the epicyclic gear and bracket.