1. If your car RPM rise and drop intermitently during drive, can obviously feel the car lack of power and the exhaust sound abnormal, it might be due to the throttle body is stuck by carbon deposit.
2. Throttle body is a controllable valve which control the amount of air enter into the engine. When the air enter into intake manifold, it combine with petrol become a flammable air mixtures, which burns in the combustion chamber. When the carbon deposit attach on the valve, it make the valve not sealing tight on close position which lead to gas leakage, making the pressure in the cylinder drop. The most direct consequences is the engine is hard to start, vibrate when idling. Meanwhile, it also affect the air mixture entering the combustion section. Carbon deposit could absorb a certain amount of air mixture which lower the engine power output.
3. In order to avoid and reduce the chances of throttle body faulty, a preventive maintenance must be done such as cleaning the throttle body especially if you are located at an area with frequent sandstorm.
4. If it is confirmed the throttle body is faulty, suggest to repair at workshop.
Suggest to diagnose at workshop, usually the keypoints of diagnose are:
1. Check throttle body, intake manifold and fuel injector, clean or replace if necessary.
2. Usually there are very less cases that the throttle body needed an replacement, most of the time a dirty throttle body will require a clean up only.
3. In most cases, throttle body should be cleaned at an interval of 20k kilometer - 40k kilometer. If your car is use in a more severe environment, can shorten the throttle body cleaning interval.