1. Aging naturally, raining, moisture, corossion from snow melting agent, car bumps for long hour might cause the socket poor contact, or wiring deteriorate which lead to reverse light flickering.
2. The operating theory for reverse lamp is when reverse gear is engaged, the signal is sent to the controller then the reverse lamp light up.
3. Take the bulb faulty as an exclusion, might need to consider whether is the reverse gear signal wiring or the controller wiring is faulty.
Suggest to repair at workshop as soon as possible.
1. Check if there is check light or error message in the meter cluster, identify the malfunction item.
2. Use the professional diagnose device to test the light bulb. If the bulb light up, it might be the reverse gear signal could not transmit over, causing the controller did not light up the bulb. Need to check the reverse gear signal wiring.
3. If the bulb is not light up, take it out and check if it is broken. If it is in good condition, use the multimeter to check the wiring to determine if there is any problem in the wiring.
4. Car body control module might be the root cause as well.