1. Firstly check the car battery voltage to ensure it is sufficient to operate the sunroof.
2. If the motor is running but the sunroof is not moving, need to check and repair the control mechanism.
3. If the sunroof is not moving and the motor is not running, need to check if the fuse, relay, sunroof motor, switch, wiring harness, control board is faulty.
4. If the sunroof is operating but not operating normally as usual, please check if the motor is at origin position and activate the sunroof auto returning function.
Suggest to repair at workshop. The usual keypoints and procedure of repair are:
1. Basice check the battery voltage, sunroof motor if it is at the origin position. Adjust if necessary.
2. Press and hold the sunroof open button for 5 seconds, and repeat the open and close operation to activate the sunroof auto returning function.
3. Check the wiring harness and socket, motor, fuse, and relay. Replace the wiring harness, motor assembly, switch and fuse if necessary.
4. Test the sunroof to ensure problem is resolved after repairing done.