1. If your car's tyre has crack line exists, this tells that your car tyre's has deteriorated badly and needed an replacement. If you are on a journey, suggest to replace with spare tyre and drive slowly to the nearest workshop for diagnose, call for roadside assist if the condition is sever.
2. Normally a tyre have a life span of around 5 years, it will be shorter if it was driven on extreme road conditions oftenly. After this period the tyre will deteriorate which can be observed via hardened tyre surface, then lead to crack line. A deteriorated tyre lost its elasticity, continue using it might lead to tyre puncture.
3. Bad driving habit also can speed up the aging of a tyre, such as the steering wheels is not re-centered after the car is parked, turning the steering wheels on a stationery car will intensify uneven wear on the tyre which shorten the tyre life span.
4. Driving under the condition of insufficient tyre pressure also contribute to tyre aging faster. Due to insufficient air in the tyre, the tyre edge will be exerted with more frictional force as the point of contact with the road become larger, causing more heavy wear on tyre edge, lead to shorter lifespan.
Suggest to proceed to workshop for repair, usually the keypoints of diagnose are:
1. Check and adjust tyre pressure
2. Check the tyre wear level and deteriorate condition, replace if necessary
3. Check the steering rack, replace if found faulty
4. Check the steering system, repair or replace if found faulty
4. Conduct wheels alignment to ensure the tyre is in optimum driving angle on the car after repairing done