If your car tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) indicator light up during driving, may reduce speed and stop the car at a safe place to check if the tyre is punctured by foreign substances and if the tyre pressure has changed obviously. If everything is normal and the TPMS indicator did not light up during car start up, it might be the TPMS is faulty. Usually a faulty TPMS cause by below reasons:
1. Tyre vibrate vigorously or impacted during drive causing the TPMS sensor faulty easily.
2. TPMS sensor damaged during tyre repair at an unreputable workshop due to the mechanic is lack of proper skill.
3. If discovered the TPMS is faulty, suggest to diagnose at workshop as soon as possible for your driving safety.
Suggest to repair at workshop. The usual keypoints and procedure of repair are:
1. Check the tyre pressure, tyre wear level and aged condition. Repair if needed.
2. Check if the tyre pressure monitoring system is faulty, replace if it is.