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  • A scaled down Kia Niro? New facelifted 2023 Kia Picanto launched in Korea

    Launched in 2017, the third generation Kia Picanto is on the final legs of its model lifecycle, but an all-new generation model is still nowhere in sight. To keep the company’s entry A-segment model competitive, a new facelifted 2023 Kia Picanto has been announced for Korea. The redesigned front-end design now shares a lot of similarity with the Kia Niro. There’s a new pair of LED headlights, now connected via a horizontal strip. Behind, the LED tail lamps get a similarly matching styling, with


    Jul 4, 2023

  • Leaked: Facelifted 2023 Kia Picanto seen ahead of debut; Axia-sized hatch gains aggressive looks

    The upcoming 2023 Kia Picanto facelift is only bound to make its world debut later this year, but sleuths have already posted it in full on Korean automotive forum Autospy. Sold as the Morning there, the Picanto is due for a refresh, having first launched in 2017 and subsequently updated in 2020. Competition in the A-segment hatchback segment is stiff; with Hyundai having the i10 and the much newer Casper, a refreshed visual and specs package are in order. As such, the Picanto's new face is one


    Jun 6, 2023

  • Used Kia Picanto (JA) - At RM 40k, a cutesy superstar for less money than an Axia

    The third-generation Kia Picanto (JA-generation) is a car that is perhaps a bit of a left-field choice in Malaysia, but a hugely successful A-Segment car in many other markets around the world. Small in stature but big on style, the Kia Picanto JA is a well-built, reliable and economical little car which is ideal for first- or second-car buyers, as well as enthusiast types who will enjoy it for the way it drives. Kia PICANTO Overview of the Kia Picanto The Kia Picanto has been on sale in Malaysi


    Apr 3, 2023

  • 4 cars praised in reviews but sold poorly – Fiesta, Picanto, Kizashi, Stinger

    Car reviews just like the ones published here can in a way influence whether said car is good or bad. However, while they make good reference points to consumers, the general consumer would still prefer buying one that isn't unfamiliar. Besides, the cars that we review are normally given to us for a few days so we can’t tell you how it is in the long run unless it’s a long-termer like our very own Cik Tiva. Also read: Video: 3 months and 6,000 km later, here’s what we think of our 2021 Perodua A

    CY FoongCY Foong

    Nov 27, 2021

  • Used Kia Picanto (TA) for under RM 25k, common issues and repairs?

    Until the introduction of the current Perodua Myvi, the second-generation Kia Picanto (TA) was the only car in its price segment that offered a full complement of 6-airbags, ABS, EBD, vehicle stability control, (4x) seat belt reminders, and rear disc brakes. Today, with prices under RM 25k, it still represents superb value for money, better safety levels and more power than a new Perodua Axia 1.0E, which sits at a similar price point. The Kia Picanto is the company’s take on a global small car,


    Sep 16, 2021

  • If you own a Kia, new distributor Dinamikjaya wants to contact you

    Big news yesterday as Kia's Malaysian operations have officially come under new ownership. In case you've missed it, the new distributor is Dinamikjaya Motors Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Bermaz Auto. Following that, the new distributor is calling for current Kia owners to hop on to their site and participate in the company's customer information update exercise. This information, the company says in their Facebook post, will be used to allow their system to check for warranty status and recall no


    Apr 2, 2021

  • Gone but surely not forgotten - What cars are discontinued in Malaysia in 2020?

    Previously in our year-end review of sorts, we have taken a look at the most important car launches but in this article, we'll focus on the models that have been discontinued in 2020. Some of them are pulled out due to being replaced, poor sales, or in the case of one of them, bad luck. Without further distractions, let’s pour out a little motor oil for these fallen models that were killed off in 2020. BMW 1 Series CKD If you ever wanted a brand-new BMW for under RM 200k, your only option would

    CY FoongCY Foong

    Dec 31, 2020

  • Owner Review: The Underrated Gem - Why the Kia Picanto EX is the Perfect Car for a First Time Owner

    ** This article is the personal experience of a 2018 Kia Picanto EX owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Facebook: Zenyu Loh Choosing My First Car - A Straightforward Choice? The story begins back in 2018 when I was scouting for options as my first ride. I have been heavily dependant on public transportation and good-will from friends and family alike for most of my commute needs up till this point. Naturally, as a fresh graduate, I would want something affordable and reli

    Owner ReviewOwner Review

    Jul 9, 2020

  • New 2021 Kia Picanto facelift launched in Korea; BSM, RCTA, new Bluetooth connection system

    Kia has officially given the third generation Kia Picanto a mid-life facelift in Korea. The new A-segment 2021 Kia Picanto now features a whole host of new safety upgrades and advanced infotainment upgrades. The Picanto facelift gets a new 1.0-litre EcoPrime naturally aspirated petrol engine (76 PS / 95 Nm) that has better fuel efficiency at 15.4 km/l. That's a 5.9 percent improvement over the previous engine. In Korea, the Picanto is sold as the Kia Morning and it is offered only with a 1.0-lit


    May 13, 2020

  • Mercedes-Benz CLA handles worse than a Kia Picanto?

    The moose test is an evasive maneuver test done to evaluate how well a vehicle performs when evading an obstacle on the road. It is a test of the car’s handling balance and stability control. The term was coined after Swedish car magazine Teknikens Varld flipped over a first-gen Mercedes-Benz A-Class in a test to measure the car’s ability to avoid hitting a moose, which is a common sight in Sweden. Funny that the Mercedes-Benz A-Class was mentioned, because the latest generation Mercedes-Benz CL


    Apr 7, 2020

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