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    • If James Bond traded his Aston Martin for a Lexus in 2030, this is what it looks like

      Even though James Bond is always associated with Aston Martins, MI6’s finest agent has been driving all kinds of cars including BMWs, Lotuses, a Ford Mustang, and even a Toyota. But what if agent Bond followed Wakanda’s loving king in getting a Lexus?This design is one of the entries challenged by UK’s Autocar on the postgraduate students of Coventry University’s renowned automotive and transport design course. The challenge is to envision what a Bond car might look like

      CY FoongCY Foong

      Jun 25, 2021

    • Tochigi police force has the best fleet in Japan, includes LC 500 and GT-R!

      Japanese police cars aren’t just limited to the run-of-the-mill Toyota Crown or Toyota Prius, as certain prefectural police forces have far more potent cars in their fleet.Photo credit: GRS214_AEZRHUnlike other prefectural police departments, the Tochigi Prefectural police force has the most interesting fleet of cars, which includes Japanese icons like the Lexus LC 500, Nissan GT-R, and Honda NSX.Photo credit: machami731Honda donated the NA1 Honda NSX to the Tochigi Prefectural Police forc


      May 16, 2021

    • What are the most expensive cars launched in 2020?

      2020 is quite a challenging year but as the saying goes, the show must go on. And went on it did as Malaysia saw around 80 models launched this year.Despite movement restrictions for almost the whole year, that is still an impressive number all things considered. But while we have a list featuring 15 of the most important cars of the year, this time, we’re going to focus on most expensive cars that were launched in 2020.We’ll focus on 10 and some might have been sold out by the time

      CY FoongCY Foong

      Dec 19, 2020

    • This is why the Lexus LC will be the last of luxury flagship coupes

      If you get misty-eyed over the last tapir, then head on over to Lexus to catch a glimpse of the Lexus LC Convertible, as it might be the last of its kind. And I don’t mean last “Lexus luxury convertible with a folding hardtop”. I mean, “last luxury two-door from a mainstream manufacturer”.If you like big posh cats, then the news from around the world isn’t very encouraging. Sales of the BMW 8 Series is reportedly stalling in the United States, with reports fro


      Nov 22, 2020

    • Top-5 best-looking new car interiors that belong in an art museum

      Some say we spend so much time in our cars, it is virtually our second home. It’s like a sanctuary for some us, a place to retreat and decompress after a long day of work.Naturally, we’d want the interior of our cars to be aesthetically pleasing and plush. Which brings us onto the topic of cars with the best-looking interiors.Lexus LC 500Lexus LCLexus was meticulous about the LC’s interior. Every little detail such as the angle of the steering wheel, the feel and position of th


      Jun 24, 2020

    • The new 2020 Lexus LC 500 sheds 10 kg, priced from RM 1.25 mil

      Making its first debut as a production car in 2017, the Lexus LC 500 is Lexus’s idea of what a grand tourer should be. The “LC” itself stands for Luxury Coupe. The year 2020 sees a huge number of enhancements on the LC 500 in terms of safety, luxury, and performance.Inside the luxurious cockpit, one sits behind a 5.0 litre V8 by Lexus (2UR-GSE) producing 470 horsepower and 540 Nm of torque. Weighing just under two tonnes, this luxury grand tourer is rather quick with a 4.4 seco


      Jun 2, 2020

    • Refreshed 2020 Lexus LC Coupe, lighter and more comfortable

      In the spirit of Kaizen, or continous improvement, Lexus has just given its flagship LC Coupe an update. Changes are relatively minor and the exterior is largely untouched.One of the changes highlighted is the reduced unsprung weight by around 10 kg. This is achieved through the use of aluminium lower arms, light anti-roll bars, and new material for the coil springs. The 21-inch forged alloy wheels are also lighter than before.On top of making the suspension parts lighter, it has also been calib


      Apr 10, 2020

    • Attention Toyota and Lexus owners! UMW Toyota Motor announces recall for 13,500 unit of cars - possible fuel pump issue

      UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT), distributor of Toyota and Lexus in Malaysia has issued a recall to replace the fuel pump units on selected models. Affected vehicles equipped with said fuel pump may stop operating, where warning lights and messages will appear on the instrumental panel, engine power drops, stalling and end up being unable to start. This situation may increase the chance of an accident at high speed.Based on information received from Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), there are ar

      Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

      Mar 6, 2020

    • Here are some cars that go fast in style and comfort like the 620 PS McLaren GT

      Grand tourer or GT is a phrase to describe cars made for high speed cruising, combining performance and luxury. Traditionally, most GT cars are front-engined and are heavier, which blunts agility and nimbleness.This is where the 2019 McLaren GT pulls an advantage over traditional GT cars. McLaren’s take on a GT car is to combine luxury, practicality and agility.Priced at RM 908,000 (without tax and options), the McLaren GT is motivated by a 4.0-litre twin turbocharged V


      Nov 13, 2019