2018 C200 Avantgarde

RM 259,888TBC

Price In Malaysia

Monthly Payment

RM 4,677

Road Tax

RM 90


RM 7,036


    • Brand:


    • Model:

      Mercedes-Benz C-Class

    • Body Type:


    • Generation:

      (2018) W205 Facelift

    • Launched Year:


    • Assembly:


    • Horsepower (ps):


    • Torque (Nm):


    • Engine:

      1.5T 187ps

    • Transmission:


    • Length * Width * Height (mm):

      4686 x 1810 x 1442

    • 0-100 km/h (s):


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2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C200 Avantgarde FAQ

  • Then I'm out of blue for 2015 benz c300. What should I do when changing the stereo of 2015 benz c300? Is it possible I got an answer here.

    • 3 Answers
    • Foo King

      Foo King

      One thing to know is that you should connect what you know to it. But as I wouldn't spend much time thinking about how to make my car better or so, I don't exactly know whether there are any good or even better car accessories for cars of 2015 benz c300. Maybe check that online! At the end of the day it is all 2015 benz c300. It's all about the models' specs.

    • Edana


      Never have I felt like this before though. Mate, parking is illegal in some areas to maximize public safety and convenience. For 2015 benz c300's sake! Either way, parking in a restricted area will probably land you a parking ticket. Am I right or not?

    • Daniel


      Guess you're ready to roll. For car audio of 2015 benz c300, A couple of screwdrivers and a wrench or socket set for the battery cable are most common and will get the job done. As a matter of fact the 2015 benz c300 does appear to be acceptable.

  • mercedes c200 1999 has been such a drag to me. Electric car or standard car from mercedes c200 1999? I hate to give up on mercedes c200 1999. But should I this time?

    • 4 Answers
    • Chuang


      When someone asking me about mercedes c200 1999, I alaways see it in this way. Almost all mercedes c200 1999 have a sophisticated anti-lock braking system, along with various mercedes c200 1999 specs to prevent this and get a little more out of the brakes (skidding is slightly suboptimal, but better than a bad driver). There are more outside besides what you have asked, and that might as well help you with things about mercedes c200 1999.

    • Akili


      Why should this bother you so much? So you're leasing the mercedes c200 1999 for business, or you're buying the car from mercedes c200 1999 for business? For a relatively low initial payment of leasing mercedes c200 1999, followed by regular monthly payments, you get all of the benefits of running a brand-new vehicle. More research should be done for mercedes c200 1999.

    • Chen


      Always bear in mind a list of issues and potential solutions. And yes, you can dye carpets. My mother dyed the grubby grey carpets in her old mercedes c200 1999 with some Autoglym black dye using a squirty trigger bottle. But that was about five years ago for the old mercedes c200 1999 and I'm not sure Autoglym still do the big 'trade' size cans of dye. The public change their attitude towards mercedes c200 1999 with the development of economy.

    • Ariel


      For non-car guys, this may be hard to understand. So I love the unique traffic rules control system in the mercedes c200 1999's city cars. The city car of mercedes c200 1999 gives me the advice on how to act correctly in any given situation. I can find history of his violations in the simulator's main menu in the car. It's reallly necessary to own a mercedes c200 1999.

  • Not sure for I read about c class 2017. Is c class 2017 suitable for the city drive? But luckily I won't face a dead end.

    • 4 Answers
    • Calandra


      Sorry, I don't know how to explain that. Your age should be considered. Another factor is what's your need on the c class 2017. Besides, you need for fun or for business? Not sure if I got everything right.

    • Caroline Carol

      Caroline Carol

      For c class 2017, I think you can see the question like this from one way or another. Here you should know, that the better the c class 2017 model breathes, the better c class 2017 runs. A cold-air intake not only frees up the air flow to the c class 2017 engine, but also feeds it cooler, denser air, which c class 2017 engines love. Where you can make a change is not limited, such as on the other aspects of the c class 2017.

    • Bianca


      We don't exactly know if we could do it well though. I don't think you should even have to buy them only for c class 2017 icon car. You can't customize them at all in any way shape or form that suits the c class 2017 well enough, so why not just have it so there's an option to leave the garage in an icon's car and you can choose which one. Maybe you would find it lack value but this is gonna be very useful, still.

    • Adonia


      This worths further discussions. When installing a new stereo, take c class 2017 for example, your first step will be to remove the old stereo. Starting by setting the brake and removing the negative cable from the car battery, unplug and remove it, then you can feel free to replace the old one. Done it according to different things on c class 2017 and compare c class 2017 with other cars in the same segment within your budget.

  • Nowadays, few people have noticed mercedes c class petrol. So what's the wisest thing to do with the new mercedes c class petrol? Am I alone in this kind of problem here? Need some peace of mind.

    • 3 Answers
    • Arlen


      According to my experience, this is how it works with mercedes c class petrol. And certainly, models of mercedes c class petrol are often attractive, since the mercedes c class petrol company does pay lots of attention to its customers. You need to take a deep consideration before buying mercedes c class petrol.

    • Edana


      And just saying, you should look further and consider more possibilities other than this. Plenty of ways get you a preferable car of mercedes c class petrol. For mercedes c class petrol one of the most common ways to choose the car is to go to the auto service center. So you can dial the hotline and see if there's any guidance there. So much money I've spent on the mercedes c class petrol. But I love it and I never regret about it.

    • Cain


      You should really use a spread sheet on this. I got one extra mini size bottle holder in my mercedes c class petrol to the rear row. This is very important for my little girl at the age of 5. She loves to drink orange juice, and I just think it's better for her to have a mini size bottle holder beside in case my mercedes c class petrol will be the thing that suffers. The mercedes c class petrol is a very easy and cheap option based on your need here.

  • I think I'm confused. What does the attechment of the mercedes benz c350 for sale vacuum do? My uncle said the car was just totally awkward.

    • 3 Answers
    • Imran


      Hey I gotta say, try your best to see the whole picture first. There is no doubt white color mercedes benz c350 for sale can help lower down the temperature for it can reflect most of sunlight back to the atmosphere. Not until I worked that out did I finally realize how much it cost.

    • Ganesh


      Already well-prepared for the ride? Go for it. I don't dare to sleep in mercedes benz c350 for sale tbh. But now that you say so, I will suggest you give it a try and don't forget to give us your feedback about that experience. As a matter of fact the mercedes benz c350 for sale does appear to be acceptable.

    • Ariel


      It requires that knowing what you can do in a certain situation. For the car allowance in mercedes benz c350 for sale, extra pay goes straight into your bank account, and it’s up to you whether you use it for car expenses or not. Maybe there should also be a novated lease - an agreement between you, your employer and a finance company. I appreciate it that you have came here for help and discussion. Really helped all.

  • Not pleasant question for me. To me, methodss to get cars from 2013 mercedes c250 coupe are unknown. Can I just leave this behind?

    • 2 Answers
    • Haikal


      What you said was just part of the picture of 2013 mercedes c250 coupe. There's a history of what you have mentioned. Modern cars. like 2013 mercedes c250 coupe, are very rust-resistant, but metal corrosion is the number-one killer of vehicles built in the 1990s or before. Service hotline isn't bad. I think you can make good use of it.

    • Foo King

      Foo King

      It requires that you have to know what you can do in some situation. For cleaning your 2013 mercedes c250 coupe you may need a seat gap filler! Imagine it just like that. That'll keep change, credit cards, rings, and French fries from plummeting into the black hole that exists between your seat and the center console. Imperfection appears in everything, so try to accept 2013 mercedes c250 coupe.

  • Look. I seek for you guys' ideas. Can mercedes c200 sedan problems be serious? Kindest regards to you all!

    • 2 Answers
    • Bonita


      This simple and obvious law is helpful when something wrong happens to mercedes c200 sedan. You can come and check it out in my mercedes c200 sedan lol. No seriously, if you curious about the what kind of car items suitable in mercedes c200 sedan or any other model, you should make an opre-rder on amazon or shopee and then try it on cars in showroom. May I ask if you commute a lot with the mercedes c200 sedan? If so, do think a lot further.

    • Jerry


      Also, how would it actually be may be one thing you gotta consider carefully. There are plenty of ways to soup up your mercedes c200 sedan. Thankfully there is a massive aftermarket of gadgets and add-ons that work with just about any existing mercedes c200 sedan on the road today, such as adding the smart heads, Owl Car Cam, etc. This this applicable in Malaysia.

  • I'm sure I can't find answers online. Seeking for car information of mercedes c250 2010! Not fairly certain on mercedes c250 2010.

    • 3 Answers
    • Sandy


      That's the information I want to share. Maybe there is a heavy one from mercedes c250 2010 and maybe not but you should go to the dealer for the certain information. I suppose the mercedes c250 2010's weight differ from brand to brand. Like Ford is commonly kind of heavy. There's no such worry about the mercedes c250 2010, cuz by now it seems to be working pretty well.

    • Carol


      Here's the information that I wanna send. Maybe for the mercedes c250 2010 car clock choking you can stick a pin in that hole and it resets the UVO in the clock and see if the date came back? These are all valid options for mercedes c250 2010.

    • Caroline Carol

      Caroline Carol

      Giving that it's mercedes c250 2010 that you're asking about, you should really consider your bank account before getting your hands down on the counter. So, when having your mercedes c250 2010 inspected, usually a technician will inspect, test drive and report defects, potential problems and the general condition of the vehicle for the mercedes c250 2010. Guess you should check these info more in detail. Never tend to be oppsed with it but this is just unusual.

  • Here I am, with questions about mercedes benz c300 coupe! Can I afford the mercedes benz c300 coupe, if I have RM50k? So stressful it is as mercedes benz c300 coupe.

    • 2 Answers
    • Tan


      I guess the only way to investigate the question is something like this. Smart cars are for small families, independence or limited funds! Alright. mercedes benz c300 coupe are perfect for families as well I admit. However this is all about joining the new trend. Of course, limited funds can hold you back from purchasing your dream mercedes benz c300 coupe. In my mind, the cheaper the better. I'm that kind of person that think highly of price.

    • Glenn


      Definitely, we should pay attention to other things. Nope, this is sth to do with mercedes benz c300 coupe. Never did my friend call my car a "girlish car". Mine is a sport car, so I think tha tmakes it looks like an old roadster. So it all comes down to the mercedes benz c300 coupe that you owned. Thinking about that I admit that you're on the right track, but just in need of an advanced way.

  • I am sure I never knew this. What will the buyer act if I sell my mercedes benz c class amg 2018 with a lien? To save it isn't a bad thing.

    • 2 Answers
    • Foo


      Meanwhile, just attach what you know of it. First you really need to knwo the value for mercedes benz c class amg 2018 before asking the dealer. If you just go and ask the dealer without knowing the base line for mercedes benz c class amg 2018, then you might got tricked up. You'll never know how amazing mercedes benz c class amg 2018 is. Just check it carefully.

    • Arlen


      I'd like to answer this question. That'd be a great choice to make improvement to the ride. If you have a lift, you can do it yourself. Your situation will imrove as long as you fully understand this.

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