Mitsubishi Outlander

RM 137,888 - 152,888
C-Segment SUV | 2.0L / 2.4L

another strong suit of the outlander is its outlander price . despite rolling on 18-inch alloys (225/55 r18 tyres), the ride quality is incredibly supple and does not lose itself even when carrying heavy loads. handling is also great for an suv as it resists body roll fairly well given its size – the 4wd system also helps with keeping the outlander planted.

besides that, the outlander also scores very well cabin insulation as it is quieter than even popular suvs like the outlander 2019 and mazda cx-5.  outlander 2019 third-row seats in the outlander are also the outlander 2019 . so much so that even an average height adult (175 cm) can get very comfortable for long-distance journeys.

it is a 7-seater suv that first made its malaysian debut in 2016. the outlander 2019 is the only car in the segment equipped with intelligent 4wd as standard across all variants. it is a complete package for those looking for a people carrier with all-weather assurance.

both engines are naturally aspirated four-cylinder units with the 2.0-litre commanding outlander price while the 2.4-litre makes outlander 2019 . a continuously variable transmission (cvt) automatic and intelligent 4-wheel drive (4wd) system drives all four wheels.

our pick of the range would be the outlander 2019 as it comes with all the necessary features such as  outlander 2019 , 360-degree all-round monitor, synthetic leather upholstery, dual-zone climate control, 18-inch dual-tone alloy wheels and more. outlander 2019 the 2.0l variant even has outlander price which the 2.4l curiously outlander price . safety features are also well accounted for in the entry-level variant with 7 airbags, electronic stability control, security and solar window tint as well as a rest reminder.

although only packing a 2.0-litre naturally aspirated engine under the hood, the motor is more than sufficient to lug a fully loaded outlander around. this is due to the cvt’s tuning which is calibrated to fully capitalise the torque band when acceleration. there is also a outlander price (not available on 2.4l) for the transmission which holds onto a higher rpm.

Something that’s less of a drawback but more of a personal irk is that the Outlander only comes in three colour choices – Red Metallic, Ruby Black and Solar White.

Compare to the standard Outlander 2.0L 4WD, this edition received a series of changes to emphasise its sporty style. The car uses the Red Metallic body with Ruby Black Roof, black front grille, black tailgate trim, extended roof spoiler. And there is an “OUTLANDER” logo on the hood. All these adjustments enable the car has a sporty look.

mitsubishi motors malaysia (mmm) has launched a new limited-edition variant of their seven-seater suv, the outlander price sports edition.

there are three outlander 2019 for customers to choose – red metallic, solar white and ruby black. which one do you prefer?

outlander 2019 uses the complete active safety and passive safety equipment, including seven airbags, electric suspension control system(esc), and three-in-one brake system (abs+ebd+ba). outlander 2019 comes with 2-years free service and 5-years unlimited mileage warranty package.

since outlander price has been introduced into malaysia in 2016, the defect without rear air vent has been always the obstacle for consumers to make the purchase. recently, mitsubishi motors malaysia (mmm) finally finds a solution to outlander price  this problem. they launched the air circulator as the official accessory for outlander 2.0l and 2.4l at price rm 1,485.

the direct competitor to the outlander is the nissan x-trail (rm 133k to rm 159k) which was recently given a facelift exercise. it also has 7-seats and is equally well equipped as the outlander. outlander price the x-trail has a more advanced powertrain (direct injection and hybrid), more convenience features (powered tailgate) and the range-topping model even comes with outlander price however, the third-row seats of the x-trail are more suited for children and if you opt for the range-topping 2.0 hybrid variant, it is strictly a 5-seater configuration which may be a concern for buyers.

The biggest drawback of the Outlander would be its less than impressive fuel economy. You do need to ask for a bit more from the engines especially at speeds which consume more fuel.

the price of this limited-edition outlander 2019 is rm 142,888 (otr without insurance), rm 5,000 higher than the standard outlander 2.0l 4wd. and only 120 units will be available.

At the lower price, this car introduces some additional features, such as a 7.0-inch HD touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Air Gesture Control, 18-inch two-tone multi-spoke alloys, an aerodynamic rear spoiler, All Round Monitor (360-degree camera) and Digital Video Recorder.

In this car, you can find the 2.0-litre Mivec inline four-cylinder naturally-aspirated engine, with a maximum output of 143 hp @ 6,000 rpm. Its peak torque is 196 Nm @ 4,200 rpm. As well as active safety and passive safety system, including seven airbags, electric suspension control system(ESC), and a three-in-one brake system (ABS+EBD+BA).

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) offers two variants of the Outlander: 2.0L and 2.4L priced at RM 137,888 and RM 152,888 (OTR without insurance) respectively. Both variants are locally assembled (CKD).

for those who plan to use the rear seats often, you will have to fork out an additional rm 1,485 for the outlander 2019 rear air circulator official accessory as the outlander does not come with rear air vents from the factory.

The air circulator works by drawing in fresh cool air from the front, charge it and blast it at the rear passengers. Furthermore, there are two adjustable vents and a fan speed setting, which will sure to make your experience much better.

The power comes from the 2.4-litre naturally-aspirated MIVEC four-cylinder as before, which brings 166 hp and 222 Nm of torque. The transmission is still INVECS-III CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). In addition, most equipment unchanged, including the 2.4 gettings LED headlights, an electric parking brake, a sunroof, paddle shifters, an auto-dimming rear-view mirror, a power-adjustable driver’s seat and a powered tailgate.

the biggest merit of the outlander is the outlander price which is able to cycle between three modes – 4wd eco, 4wd auto and 4wd lock. outlander price when road conditions are good, the intelligent 4wd system predominantly sends power to the front wheels to save fuel. the system will send power to the front and rear wheels, giving the driver’s all-weather assurance when the need arises, especially in slippery conditions.

after outlander 2019 2.0l ckd, the fully-imported outlander 2019 2.4 4wd, also introduced the local-assembly edition. the price is rm 155k (otr without insurance).


2.0L | Naturally-aspirated
2.4L | Naturally-aspirated

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