Mitsubishi Triton

RM 78,890 - 135,200 TBC
pickup Pickup | 2.4L / 2.5L / 2.5T

And importantly for our climate, it gets solar and security tint to bounce heat and UV rays off.

Depending on the mode selected, the distribution of torque and sensitivity of the traction control is adjusted for optimal traction. In some surfaces like mud, it’s better to relax the traction control to allow for more slip. On rocks however, it’s better to tighten the traction control.

The benefit? Maximum traction on all road conditions, in any weather. The downside to it is of course higher fuel consumption, thus drivers are still encourage to switch to the default 2H mode when driving on dry tarred surface.

it’s a far more sophisticated version of the triton price 2020 2019 ’s active traction control (a-trc). while a-trc only works on the rear axles and only in 4l mode, the triton price’s off-road mode works on both axles and on any 4wd mode, and it has a different setting for different terrain, thus it works a lot smoother too. mitsubishi triton this, and the earlier mentioned full-time 4wd function, is why the mitsubishi triton’s 4wd is the best in its class.

all pick-up trucks sold in malaysia run on what’s called a part-time 4wd system, meaning that the driver needs to manually engage/disengage 4wd, depending on driving conditions, unless you are driving a triton price all other pick-up trucks’ part-time 4wd transmission have just three modes – 2wd high (2h), 4wd high (4h), and 4wd low (4l). when driving on normal tarred roads, only 2h should be used, even if it’s raining.

however sources tell us that the second and third spot on pick-up truck sales chart is hotly contested between the ford ranger and the mitsubishi triton 2020.

The lower range Triton AT Premium also gets several upgrades, now with leather seats, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as the aforementioned built-in DVR.

both models still trail behind the mitsubishi triton 2019 , which is holding strongly onto its top spot.

Although it's aimed at small business/commercial users, for some it serves as a blank canvas, ready to be modified to their heart's content. It can be turned into a low-slung pick-up truck built for drag racing or a tow truck, the world is your oyster.

recall that masuoka-san, who is also an ambassador for the tri-diamond brand, was in malaysia earlier in march for mitsubishi motors malaysia’s 4surethrill event at setia alam. mitsubishi triton 2019 what many didn’t know was that apart from the obligatory public appearance at the event, masuoka-san was also shuttled off to putrajaya to shoot the ad, which took about 3 days to complete.

Using any other modes on high traction surfaces like tarred roads will cause premature damage to the transmission. 4H should be used only in off-road conditions while the crawling speed ultra-low ratio 4L is only for extreme off-road conditions.

Most of its competitors come with only a locking rear differential, meaning it can do a 50/50 torque split between the rear left and rear right wheels, but can’t do anything about the front wheels.

On the outside, it wears a set of 15-inch alloys and the headlamps are halogen projector units.

the toyota hilux, for all intends and purposes, does its job as a workhorse really well. in the event that it needs any form of repairs or servicing, toyota’s wide network of service centres can attend to owners quickly. triton price apart from that, the toyota hilux also features a reasonably practical interior, even offering a chilled compartment located above the glovebox. the hilux’s cabin also features a number of cubby holes to store various small items.

unlike normal part-time 4wd systems, the mitsubishi triton 2019’s super select 4wd ii has four modes – 2h. 4h, 4hlc, and 4llc. both 2h and 4h can be used on dry/wet tarred roads, while 4hlc and 4llc locks the centre differential for an optimal 50/50 front-rear torque split for driving off-road.

The Malaysia Automotive Association no longer provides sales breakdown by model due to compliance issues with Malaysia’s Competition Act 2010 so we don’t know the exact volume sold.

with pick-up truck prices creeping up over the years, mitsubishi motors malaysia has lowered the entry price to own a new pick-up truck with the 2020  triton price at rm 79,890, the triton quest is the most affordable pick-up truck in malaysia and it’s aimed at small business owners/commercial users.

malaysia’s pick-up truck segment sells about 30,000 vehicles annually. the toyota hilux controls the lion share, about 40 percent, followed by ford ranger and triton price, both at about 19 percent. rounding up the top-5 is the nissan navara (about 13 percent) and isuzu d-max (about 10 percent).

The Triton Knight is distinguishable with a grey coated front bumper garnish, an aggressive hood protector and side window deflectors further complimented with Knight body stickers.

mitsubishi malaysia jacks up the mitsubishi triton 2019 2019 variant with special accessories. the mitsubishi triton knight is limited to only 120 units and has an asking price of rm 137,900.

the latest video commercial for the triton price  is probably among the better malaysia-produced ads for a pick-up truck, if not the best.

Mitsubishi is asking for RM 137,900 for the Triton Knight and the pick-up also comes with a 5-year or 200,000 km warranty. Mitsubishi is also offering to add on a number of freebies for those who put down their orders now.

The Toyota Hilux is perhaps the de-facto pick-up truck in Malaysia. The default option for both lifestyle buyers and construction workers is the Toyota Hilux, as its reputation was built over the years it was sold locally and globally.

here’s a quick breakdown of the triton variants: triton price 2020 with the exception of the triton quest, all other mitsubishi triton variants are covered by a best-in-class 5-year/200,000 km warranty.

as for the triton price 2019, this model was introduced earlier this year, making it one of the newest options around.

it is a available only as a 4x2, paired to a 5-speed manual transmission.  triton price the triton quest has a similarly tight turning radius of 5.7 meter for easier maneuverability around tight roads or spaces.

all the driving scenes shown in the video were actual driving scenes done by masuoka-san himself. the only time when cgi effects were used was to touch up the background.   triton price 2019 although the mitsubishi triton comes equipped with many notable features, the ad retained its focus purely on the emotional aspects of the car, thus avoiding the common pitfall of many car ads.

Although power output is sufficient, we do wish that cabin refinement was better as engine noise is rather noticeable at speeds.

Produced by Five55 Production, the ad left a lasting impression in our minds mainly because of its driving scenes, which was done by two-time Dakar Rally champion Hiroshi Masuoka.

next, it gets a mitsubishi triton 2019 and on a side note, we encourage everyone to have one in their vehicles to record every driving moment on the move. going on the road is often times unpredictable.

moving on to the one rung lower triton at premium (rm 121,000), it gets a few adventure x goodies including dvr, leather seats (previously fabric), and 7-inch touchscreen audio with mitsubishi triton 2020  (previously reserved for adventure x).

earlier today, mitsubishi motors malaysia launched the triton price – a 4x2 commercial specs variant of the triton – as well as the mitsubishi triton 2020 2020 adventure x and triton at premium. mitsubishi triton the triton adventure x now comes with 360-degree parking camera, built-in digital video recorder, solar and security window tint, as well as adventure x stickers.

priced from rm 135,200, the triton price 2019 is also the cheapest pick-up truck in this comparison. triton price 2019 2020 further adding value to the mitsubishi triton 2019 2020 2020 2019 is its 5-year/200,000 km warranty, way ahead of the hilux (5-year/150,000 km) and ford ranger (3-year/100,000 km), proving that mitsubishi is confident with the triton. mitsubishi triton longest warranty aside, the mitsubishi triton 2019 also offers the best ride comfort in the pick-up segment, thanks to its angled rear seats and well-tuned suspension set-up. mitsubishi triton despite that, the touchscreen infotainment system in the mitsubishi triton 2019 is a bit of a letdown, as the display’s resolution is low when compared to the sync 3 system found in the ranger. at least the availability of android auto and apple carplay redeems the system, somewhat.

Of course, the 7-inch Touchscreen Audio with Apple Carplay and Android Auto also makes the leap from the Adventure X to the Triton Knight as well.

the range topping 2020  triton price  (rm 137,900) has now been upgraded with several new features, including a triton price that utilizes multiple cameras around the truck to create a bird’s-eye-view of the surrounding, aiding parking and maneuvering.

however super select 4wd ii is actually a lot more than just that. the highlight is actually the mitsubishi triton 2020’s off-road mode, which works quite similar to a range rover’s terrain response feature.

The Triton Quest is powered by a 2.5-litre turbo-diesel making 110 PS and 200 Nm of torque. It loses out on the higher range Triton’s 2.4-litre aluminium block MIVEC engine that makes 181 PS/430 Nm.

last but certainly not the least is the ford ranger, also another popular pick-up truck in malaysia. mitsubishi triton 2019 2020 2019 part of the reason why the ford ranger is so popular is because the ranger practically redefined how people perceived pick-up trucks. in the past, pick-up trucks were seen as workhorses, carrying construction tools and workers. mitsubishi triton however, with the introduction of the t6-generation ranger, ford changed the public’s perception that a pick-up truck is also suitable as a lifestyle vehicle, owing to its excellent ride and handling performance. mitsubishi triton in its wildtrak guise, the ranger is the most powerful of the bunch, offering 213 ps and 500 nm of torque. power is sent to all four wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Safety wise, it is equipped with dual airbags, ABS with EBD. The Triton Quest is covered with a five-year warranty/100,000 km, whichever comes first.

On paper, the Hilux’s 2.8-litre turbodiesel may seem like the least powerful of the bunch, but in real-world driving conditions, the diesel mill provided sufficient grunt for day-to-day conditions.

the mitsubishi triton 2019 2020 has overtaken the mitsubishi triton as malaysia’s second best-selling pick-up, as of october 2019, according to brief business update by mitsubishi motors malaysia earlier today.

The SuperSelect 4WD II (only on Adventure X variant) is also one of a kind. Where other trucks’ Part-Time 4WD drivetrain mean that 4WD cannot be engaged when driving on tarred roads, the Triton Adventure X’s SuperSelect 4WD II adds a viscous coupling that allows the Triton to run on 4WD mode even on normal roads, just like a full-time 4WD SUV. It even comes with a Land Rover-type terrain mode control - Gravel, Mud, Sand or Rock.

There are also Adventure X stickers on the side of the body.

behind the wheel of the triton price 2019, we noticed that it does not feel as eager to accelerate like its predecessor model, despite featuring a 6-speed automatic (old model had a 5-speed automatic). mitsubishi triton 2020 whilst climbing steep hills, we also noticed that the gear ratios to be rather poorly-matched, as the transmission was changing between the second and third gear too frequently as neither ratios were suitable.

the main highlight of the triton price is its powertrain, which is the most sophisticated in its class. the 4n15 2.4-litre turbo diesel uses an aluminum block, which makes it very light and thus very fuel efficient. triton price 2020 the lower 15.5:1 compression ratio and variable valve timing also means that it runs quieter than other trucks, and when coupled with mitsubishi’s signature rally experience-tuned suspension, makes the mitsubishi triton the most comfortable pick-up truck on sale today.

Selecting between 2H and 4H can be done on the fly (up to 100 km/h), simply by turning the rotary dial next to the gear lever.

the gap between the mitsubishi triton 2019 2020 and ford ranger is onlymitsubishi triton so we won’t be surprised if the two brands will swap positions once more next month.

the only exception to this is the mitsubishi triton 2019 2020 2020’s super select 4wd ii feature (available only on the adventure x variant), which works a bit more like a full-time 4wd rather than a part-time 4wdmitsubishi triton with the mitsubishi triton’s super select 4wd ii, drivers can leave it in 4h mode even when driving on tarred roads, operating the triton almost like a full-time 4wd vehicle – it’s the only pick-up truck to offer this feature.

Other than that, the Knight also shares the Adventure X’s features such as built-in DVR and All-Round Monitor (ARM) which is Mitsubishi’s version of 360-degree camera.

On the inside, the Knight sports unique scuff plates and exclusive red-stitched carpet mats with Knight embroidery.


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