2013 Nissan Serena S-Hybrid Highway Star 2.0 User Reviews

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1. Awesome fuel economy 2. Relatively cheap maintenance for such size 3. Comfortable highway cruises 4. Great ingress and egress 5. Huge owner community
1. Premature parts failure that might be costly 2. Feels underpowered when going uphill with full load 3. Suspension is slightly stiff for Malaysian roads


The Nissan Serena has great space & practicality in the last row, a hidden boot compartment, that the car matches the criteria of "Practicality & able to fit 7 people comfortably with decent space for luggage at the back".


The C26 is powered by a MR20DD 2.0-liter engine with 147 PS and 210 Nm (figures are from the engine alone, excluding 54 Nm from the electric motor). This direct injection twin-CVTC unit is paired to Nissan’s Xtronic CVT gearbox with Adaptive Shift Control. It has adequate power to go up to Cameron or Genting Highland “with some effort”, due to the CVT gearbox & mild 2.0 engine.

Ride & Handling

A family MPV is never about stability in corners or high speed, but more of reliability & ferrying the family safely to the destination. The suspension is soft, but not too wooly that it understeers a lot in corners.

Fuel Economy

The Nissan Serena is really an economical & comfortable highway cruiser. With 1 full tank of fuel, it can run approximately 600 km in town, or 800 km on highways.


Driving it back for the 1st time back home, the Nissan Serena immediately felt like a significant upgrade with the callout characteristics of a moving sofa/family cruiser which is super comfortable & spacious. Despite its height, getting in and out of the Serena is also easy for elderly parents and children alike.

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