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1. Practical features 2. Sliding doors that gives convenience for passenger's entry and exit 3. Decent front and rear visibility 4.
1. Unattractive look 2. Lack of fancy features

A family car with practicality

Certainly, appearance is not an advantage of Nissan Serena, but we should also realize the fact that the MPVs always place their emphasis on practicality. Serena’s decent practicality is its key to win over its peers. Though it looks like a clumsy box and doesn’t have those interesting features, it offers everything that a family needs. The sliding doors make it easy for passengers to enter and exit the cabin. In the middle row situates adjustable captain seats. You may feel you are driving a bus as it’s a tall 7-seat car. The front and rear visibility are decent. In conclusion, it’s a terrific vehicle that allows you to drive with relaxation and fun.

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