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  • All-new Nissan Z makes its Australian debut with the help of its past generations

    The Nissan Z is one of the most recognisable names in the sports car world and after hanging on for 11 years, the Z34 370Z is finally replaced by the RZ34 Nissan Z in 2022. Though it’s unlikely that the all-new Z will be brought into Malaysia officially by Edaran Tan Chong Motors (ETCM), the legendary model is recently launched in Australia.According to Nissan Australia, the limited-edition Z Proto has been sold out but it still lists the standard Z Coupe for sale from AUD 80,095 (~RM 250k

    CY FoongCY Foong

    Aug 10, 2022

  • Drift King Tsuchiya takes you for a blast of Nissan nostalgia with some of their 90s hits

    Ahhh, the 90s. Some claim it to be the best of times… mostly if those some were petrolheads and became aroused by Japanese sports cars of the era. While certain parties may debate labelling some of the nostalgic Nissans here “sports” cars, they all possess a distinct pedigree of performance in their DNA that more than justifies the parallelism.Plus, why can’t we all just enjoy a video that takes some honest examples of these cars and not blow some up their arses but inst


    Aug 3, 2022

  • What did Toyota’s President; Akio Toyoda, say after sitting in the Nissan Z?

    That header might sound like the opening line to a petrolhead’s joke but unfortunately there’s no punchline here because Toyota’s Akio Toyoda is a proper petrolhead and in typical Japanese chivalry, had nothing but praise after taking a seat in the Nissan Z; a prime competitor to his very own Toyota GR86.Also Read: 2022 Toyota GR86 / Subaru BRZ: Tuners display hot versions to whet enthusiasts appetiteHeads of carmakers using motor shows to get a feel of the competitors’ p


    Feb 8, 2022

  • Five sexy coupes you could buy today for RM 50k

    There is something so alluring about driving a sports coupe – much of this has to do with the style, the sleek lines front to back, and the sporty stance that exudes a notion of power, exclusivity, and speed. There is a timelessness about them too; picture a classic (C107) Mercedes-Benz SL or an ultra-modern Jaguar F-Type rolling down to your favourite Kopitiam – two different cars that shout the same thing; “I have arrived, and I’m a person of taste”.Carmakers know


    Jun 27, 2021

  • First look under the bonnet of the Nissan Z Proto, 400 PS V6 engine confirmed?

    Via layersworksAfter 13 years of being on sale, Nissan has ceased production of the Nissan 370Z. Fret now, however, as the iconic Z-Car will live on in the form of the Nissan Z Proto. Z Proto is the name given to the prototype version of the upcoming Z-Car, though the rumour mill is saying that the next Z-Car could be christened as the Nissan 400Z.While we know for a fact that the Z Proto’s platform is shared with the older Nissan 370Z, what remained a mystery is the exact powertrain of th


    Feb 5, 2021

  • Owner Review: Experience JDM rear-wheel-drive classic - My 1991 1991 Nissan 300ZX Z32 

    ** This article is published on WapCar Community. Click the link below to enter the community for car enthusiasts in Malaysia information1991 Nissan 300ZX Z32 Reasons why I bought this car I had a Subaru Impreza version 8 and Subaru forester SG9 STi and you can’t deny the fact that the symmetrical AWD is such a fun thing to have in both the cars. But when I received a good offer on the Forester STi, I decided to let it go. While searching for another car I s

    Owner ReviewOwner Review

    Dec 6, 2020

  • Nissan Z Proto won’t go on sale in Europe, proves that Toyota was right with Supra all along

    The Nissan Z Proto has won itself many fans and the change in narrative is nice for a company that has been dragged through the mud by the legal tussle involving ex-CEO Carlos Ghosn.As much as we love the Nissan Z Proto, it is important to remember that the car has yet to enter production but keep your fingers crossed because Nissan has repeatedly mentioned that it is committed to producing the Z Proto.However what many forgot is that the new Nissan Z won’t be launched in Europe, or even t


    Sep 28, 2020

  • The next Nissan Z (400Z) is a community-centric sports car set to revive the JDM golden age

    If you are anything like us in the office, you probably had posters of a white Countach or a red F40 on your wall growing up. Younger readers - somewhere around my age - mightve had Skylines or Supras instead.Light glow, cool reflection, yup its eighties-tastic.In a roundabout sort of way, that’s what the upcoming Nissan Z aims to be. “Great, just another unaffordable halo car that I can’t even dream to own?” Not quite. Read on…Good things going forwardLets show th


    Sep 24, 2020

  • The Nissan 400Z might be a 370Z underneath, but that isn’t a bad thing

    We’ve covered the Nissan Z Proto when it was unveiled last week and had a roundtable discussion with its designer, Alfonso Albaisa. Clearly, the upcoming 400Z has taken a lot of inspiration from the S30 240Z and the Z32 300ZX.But there are a few inspirations taken from the modern Z cars, the 350Z and 370Z. Alfonso was part of the design team of the 350Z and it became a gateway Z car and was somewhat of a fan favourite. It lasted for 6 years before it was replaced by the 370Z.Unfortunately,

    CY FoongCY Foong

    Sep 21, 2020

  • The Nissan Z Proto is a better design of the Nissan Z concept car from 1999

    The Nissan Z Proto is a perfect mixture of past Z cars (or as Chief Designer at Nissan, Alfonso Albaisa called it, memories) and the future of Nissan. Some people might say it is merely an evolution of the 370Z but clearly, there is more to that.In fact, it is probably a better reworking of what Nissan had done a little over 20 years ago with a Z concept also known as the 240Z Concept.Things weren’t doing so well financially for Nissan in the late nineties. Sure, the Skyline GT-R was about

    CY FoongCY Foong

    Sep 20, 2020

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