Anyone who has been using Perodua Bezza 1.0 can share some views for me?

1 Answer :
  • Glenn

    My girlfriend has a Bezza 1.0 and I sometimes drove it. Here are my personal feeling to Bezza 1.0. Positive parts: - Bezza 1.0 is more nimble, easy to cut here and there. - Better FC if compared to Proton Persona - Throttle is very responsive (very little delay between you stepping on the pedal and the engine revving) - Very nice boot in a quite practical shape - Driver's field of vision is very good at the wheel of Bezza 1.0 - Aircon quite cold, even on low settings Negative parts: - Bezza 1.0 tends to be deflected easily when driving at medium to high speed (eg due to bumps in the road) - Not so comfortable seating (especially for slightly bigger people) - No temperature gauge, only got indicator for low and high temperature (personally can't accept) - Very long queue to get your car That’s my points. Maybe different experience and feelings for you when you drive the Bezza 1.0.

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