Bezza 2019 vs Saga 2019 full spec full spec, who is the winner in reliability and practicality?

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  • KC

    Compared with the Bezza 2019, Saga manual and premium do not have safety features, only the full spec. Both the standard manual and auto variants have ABS only. Whereas the Bezza 2019 the 1L variation has ABS and TC, and the mid spec which you can get for the manual has ABS, TC and VSC, something you can only get with the full spec Saga, only thing is mid-spec Bezza 2019 price is 4-5k more. Either way pick on your use. If you want a compact car, go with the saga, want a practical and spacious cargo with the Bezza 2019. The Bezza 1.3 uses Toyota’s DVVTi engine, the Saga uses CamPro. Road tax, fuel consumption and maintenance cost, the Bezza 2019 wins on this. Most comparison statistics may prefer proton, but in long term reliability, the Bezza 2019 is made with older more proven tech from Japanese. Overall they are both decent cars but only the full spec Saga can be considered if safety is a consideration but the entry-level Bezza 2019 car only misses out on VSC, otherwise, have more to consider. My personal choice would be the mid-spec manual Bezza 2019 for the practicality, all 3 safety I mentioned, and for the longer reliability. TC and ABS are the most important safety features. without TC, you will slip especially in the wet. Without ABS, stopping will be more difficult. That’s why when there is an accident, many of the cars that slip did not have TC, but now not the Bezza 2019.

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