Is it advisable to go for this Bezza 1.0 GXtra or the Axia Standard G? In terms of issues, maintenance, quality. Basically looking for a car to drive around town and occasionally outstation for my parents. Considering between these two cars.

1 Answer :
  • Foo King

    Bezza suits the city well, while Proton suits the highway. For me, Bezza 1.0 > Axia standard. Issue almost 0, I believe Axia has a lesser issue than Bezza 1.0 ( I didn’t own an Axia but most Axia user don’t have any problem ) Bezza 2018 owner here, has few problems but operational wise, no problem. Quality I think Bezza 1.0 more than Axia. Bezza was safer and has more space, but rear seats are more straight. FC if 1.0 should be the same, Bezza 1.0 would lose a bit logically by weight I would suggest getting a new Bezza. CNY was near maybe they will have discount, especially proton discount was a lot. anyway, if you buy proton, go for manual, their CVTs are not good or can say bad compare to others.

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