Should I buy a Perodua Bezza 1.0 GXtra or Perodua Bezza 1.3 for my parents? Or should I shift to Perodua Axia? the Axia Standard G? Mainly for city driving.

1 Answer :
  • Cain

    I am using the Bezza 1.3, but so far no Axia owner would say the 1.0 underpower. It is actually more revvy than Bezza 1.3. I have been at Axia with my friend 2 person from Klang to Penang, no problem at speed limit 110km/h ( no problem mean the car ain't struggling whatever just normal drive ) And very fuel saving. Bezza 1.3 and bezza 1.0 has crosswinds problem when the wind is strong your car will feel swingy left and right, Axia doesn’t have the problem. Bezza 1.0 is very suitable for city drive but will be a bit noisier as the engine rev more, you see Axia sales then you know Bezza 1.0 and bezza 1.3 can use or not and go genting no problem.

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