Want to buy a car for my father, but I don’t know between Bezza 2019 premium and Saga 2019 premium, which one is better to buy. Any suggestions?

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  • Calandra

    It depends on what you want / need from bezza 2019 or the Saga, as well as your budget. I'll base both on top-spec, since that's what you're asking. Myself, I drive a new Bezza AV (still new though only 2 weeks), and have a friend who used to drive a Saga (the previous model, before 2019 FL). Price-wise, I'd say the new Saga is cheaper at 40k+/-, compared to Bezza 2019 price is at 51k+/-. For fresh graduate or starter car, both Saga and Bezza 2019 are good. It comes down to your budget then. How much are you willing to pay every month for the loan (if you are getting a financing plan)? How many years are you going to be financing the bezza 2019? If paying by cash, different story. Next is the usage of the car. What will you be needing it for? City / town driving? Going to work and back, occasional outstation? Or will you be always on the road (like salespeople), driving to and fro, places to places? Will you always be ferrying people (eg. family, colleagues,etc.), or is it a utility car to ferry some goods? This here, the Bezza 2019 get a tad bigger boot space at 508L, whereas the other has 420L. Personally, I'm a cyclist, the bigger boot space can load up to 2 bikes(with both wheels detached), so I can carry passengers(other cyclists) and keep my cabin clean, not saying the Saga can't but extra space of Bezza 2019 is always good, never know what you're gonna need to carry. Eg.: Floorpump, toolkit, helmet. If you're driving a lot, and will be spending a lot of time in the car, I will say Saga is better than bezza 2019, handling-wise and comfort-wise. Not that Bezza 2019 is uncomfortable, just that Proton Saga wins a little over Perodua Bezza 2019 on this point. Besides, the ride and handling of the Bezza 2019 is not that bad, most people exaggerate a little when they're used to Merc, BMW, Honda. For a car at this price point, it does its job well for what you're paying. Just don't drive like a hooligan, flying 150kph+. At the end of the day, you'll be the one deciding. Try test driving both cars to experience the difference, then you'll be able to make a decision. Both are good cars, it just depends on how you like the feel of the car and the utility it provides.

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