Want to know the operating temperature and operating voltage for Bezza 1.3. As I purchased an OBD reader. Does anyone know how to install it?

1 Answer :
  • Swee Hing

    OBD reader with Bluetooth function for your Bezza 1.3? It's pretty easy to install inside the bezza 1.3 cabin, just plug and play. then pair with your handphone, you can install that freeware from google play store (android) and apple store, if you have RM17, just purchase the torque app. It is able to show you the information of your Bezza 1.3 you need. My experience on my Bezza advance, the operating temperature generally stays around 94 Celsius degree, it shoots to 100 Celsius degree or touching 101 degrees during a traffic jam, as for battery voltage, I’m measuring from Control Module reading, max is 14V, lowest it can go is 13.6V and it goes in cyclical manner. Hope the info helps you and your Bezza 1.3.

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