What you guys recommended for Bezza tyre upgrade but still maintaining the fuel efficiency. Any opinion please? Original tyre is 175/65/14.

2 Answers :
  • Ganesh

    Based on your eco requirements to the Bezza, the below is good, but don’t expect to be more eco than your current Bezza 175 width tyres: -Michelin Energy XM2 -Toyo nanoenergy3 -Bridgestone EP150 or EP200 -Goodyear duraplus -continental CCC6

  • Akili

    175/65 R14 is TOO THIN for anything when your Bezza is above 90km/h, hence your fuel economy. By upgrade, I assume you're looking at at least 185 tire width? The most eco of 185/xx Rxx will not be more eco than a 175 tire width on the Bezza, so you have to decide to drop the eco and get better tires, or just stick to the speed limit and enjoy your eco to your Bezza.

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