Which one will you choose? Perodua Bezza 2019 or Proton Saga 2019?

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  • Felix

    Both the Perodua Bezza 2019 and Proton Saga are good cars, but to me; Bezza 2019 is a jack of all trades master of none; while the latter is the best at ride and handling, with better exterior looks. But the thing is, most Malaysian that are getting a car like a Saga / Bezza 2019, are generally looking for a car that can do everything. 

    From town trips, trap in jam, all the way to Balik Kampung trips. Bezza 2019 with its more fuel economical engine and bigger boot space is a good sacrifice over poorer ride and handling. Besides, the ride and handling of the Bezza 2019 are not that bad, but most people are exaggerating quite a lot. If you drive within the speed limit and drive sensibly, it’s 100% okay. 

    Another thing to me that feels blown out of proportions is the safety of Saga over Bezza 2019. Saga up until now is still only 4-star rated vs Bezza 2019 (5-star). 

    And while Bezza 2019 is more expensive, you do get what you’re paying for which is a more advanced engine (a Bezza 1.3 litre version of Vios engine - almost) and push to start (which isn’t something cheap to add) - on top of other things such as auto start/stop and “leather” seats In the end, just get one that works for you and your goals.

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