2017 Perodua Bezza 1.3 Advance User Reviews

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1. Value for money 2. Practical interior with massive boot space 3. Smooth and efficient powertrain 4. Good fuel economy 5. Great manoeuvrability in cramped urban enviroments
1. Poor noise insulation 2. Unassuring handling at high speeds 3. Hard plastic panels that feel cheap 4. Rear seats are too upright


The cabin is pretty spacious for its size.


Powering the Bezza is a fuel-sipping Toyota-sourced 4-cylinder 1.3 L engine that puts out modest figures, but with its sub-1 tonne weight it was punchy enough at low speeds with decent enough pull to get up to highway speeds - ant not much beyond that.

Ride & Handling

Driven sensibly, it's a smooth ride and a relatively refined experience. The 4AT gearbox will do its thing with minimal fuss, though it's not very eager to downshift when pushed. But throwing it around corners and somewhere in its muted electric power steering you'll feel it's hard-pressed trying to remain composed. The suspension is also somewhat stiffly sprung, but it's probably to accommodate the significant weight changes when adding passengers in relation to the weight of the car.

Fuel Economy

The powertrain is quite a fuel efficient one. Nice consumption figures can be returned even with the Eco Idle (auto start / stop) funtion turned off.


Although the NVH isn't great - you'll get quite a bit of external and tyre noise in the cabin, practical touches put into the interior - the Smart Tag compartment, storage hooks and powered USB ports, are still sweet offers. The rear seats are a little too uprightbut its definitely not back-breaking.

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