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1. Easy to park in cities 2. Safety features 3. Appeasing design 4. Low fuel consumption and maintenance costs 5. Stable

Youthful charm

As a graduation gift for my daughter, I want a gift that can complement her vivacious, youthful personality.. I chose Proton Iriz and I feel so happy when my daughter loves it as much as I do. The compact car size ensures that she can drive easily and avoid the hassle of city parking. Since the car has all the safety functions such as airbags, I feel very relaxed when my daughter drives this car in the city or goes on the highway with her friends and colleagues. The dark interior and shiny blue exterior look really satisfying and stand out on the street. The low fuel consumption and maintenance costs of the car have kept me on a relatively low budget almost all the time. I often hear my daughter full of praise for the stability and power of this car, which makes me very happy that I chose this car for her.

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