Is Proton X70 / Geely Boyue reliable since it is now made in China AS Geely Binyue?

2 Answers :
  • Bunny

    Actually since you are talking about Geely Boyue, nowadays China brands are competitive and quality improved. They are targeting the global market and I don’t think Geely Boyue wanna mess up their global car reputation. I know there are some complaints about Geely Boyue’s problem in gearbox back in China that make me worry. I’m happy with Huawei phone, Taobao products (with good review) and Xiaomi products, smart home systems... Also, iPhone is made in China too. Most of your household things are made in China. But I may still drop the booking if not happy with test drive or Geely Boyue price.

  • Justin

    Anything made in China turns me off, Proton SUV X70 is surely not excluded. I have many bad experiences with China products, especially handphones. For car safety is important, I still have no confidence in the Geely Boyue.

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