Speaking to Proton X70 spec, does the Proton X70 interior quality comparable to Lexus or CX5?

2 Answers :
  • Arlen

    In Proton x70 spec, NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) of Proton SUV X70 is good. I have been playing with the car for almost 2 hours and didn’t encounter the squeaky noise. Pretty much on par with CX-5. Pick up speed is good as well but the gear shift is a bit like Honda's CVT. Not sure if they are the same but it feels like that.

  • Chipo

    Just did my test drive on Proton X70 price on the road 112k for an executive 2WD Proton X70 spec is pretty good. Almost all existing feature wise and tech wise is in there already. In fact, the X70 spec has more than what CX-5 has. Handling, stability, suspension, body rolling and cornering is below CX-5. Rear passengers felt uncomfortable on bumpy roads and cornering. X70 Handling is so so when doing cornering at mid to high speed. Despite being heavier at 1.7 tonne and bigger rim at 19" as Proton SUV, when doing cornering at 60-80, the rear passengers felt "flying". So I would say X70 spec is pretty good.

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