What you guys best appreciate or not appreciate for Proton X70 interior design?

3 Answers :
  • Eilene 

    Some people said the legroom of X70 isn’t enough. I don’t know how tall are they. I am 182cm and I feel proton x70 interior is acceptable. As for glove part. Ok, I think that one is not the main concern and issue, look at the price at the Proton X70, I would say I still can accept, now the only concern to me is the Proton X70 fuel consumption review. So I will wait for further updates from the owner too, or I wait for X70 CKD version, to see if there's any upgrades on the proton x70 interior.

  • Calandra

    Instrumental cluster in Proton X70 interior is really awesome. I always like digital stuff. Very informative. Entertainment hub for Proton X70 interior is mixed feeling. Sometimes when I touched the button but no response - ended up having to press few times. Also, the screen is a very fingerprint magnet that triggers the OCD-ness in me. The "Hi Proton" thing is very complex and nice to have but I doubt will use it a lot in real life cause sometimes it's a hit and miss.

  • Justin

    For Proton X70 interior, the X70 seater for driver seat position is weird. I hate it. It's positioned like a sport's car seating. Kind of uncomfortable for big size guy. The steering wheel of Proton X70 is set to highest and seating is set to lowest - yet the steering wheel still hits my knee.

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