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  • The perfect beginner's hot hatch? Check out the Suzuki Swift Sport at the Carlist Drive Auto Fair

    For automotive purists, sticking with a manual transmission is the way to go and anything with two pedals or less is considered sacrilege. But what if your only (official) option is an automatic gearbox, should you feel ashamed and let those purists clang the bells while calling shame on you? Well, in the case of the Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC33S), Suzuki’s Malaysian distributor, Naza Eastern Motors only offers the 6-speed automatic variant. The more enthusiast-approved 6-speed manual transmission i

    CY FoongCY Foong

    Aug 23, 2023

  • Review: 2023 Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC33S) - Sorry purists, the 6AT is the only option if you want warranty

    The moment Naza Eastern Motors, Suzuki’s latest distributor in Malaysia, announced prices of the ZC33S Suzuki Swift Sport here, many lamented that it was too expensive. When the ZC33S Swift Sport made its debut here, it was priced at RM 139,900, exclusive of sales and service tax (SST). Now that ST has made its return, this B-segment pocket rocket’s price has increased to RM 145,900 – right smack into the FE Honda Civic’s price range (RM 130,700 to RM 166,500). Also Read: Review: 2021 Suzuki Swi


    Apr 27, 2023

  • Get 5 of these performance cars while some of them are still under RM 100k

    We’re all huge fans of Hagerty’s YouTube content and they wrapped up 2022 with an accurately topical one hosted by the affable Jason Cammisa that was grown from the same grain as his other works in it being absorbingly fun, relatable and nuancedly informative if you knew what to latch onto. Their bull market video shone the spotlight on 9 cars and a motorcycle for enthusiasts in the USA that’re expected to significantly grow in value during the course of 2023 or within the next couple of years.


    Jan 30, 2023

  • All-new 2023 Suzuki Swift rendered, looks suspiciously like the old one

    The current fourth-generation Suzuki Swift has been around since 2017 and its replacement model is nearing. Following spyshots of a prototype doing its rounds in Europe, BestCarWeb has posted their predictions for the next-generation Swift. First is the new generation Swift’s platform. According to the Japanese outlet, the new generation Swift is expected to carry over the same Heartect B platform from the previous generation model, albeit with a lengthened wheelbase for improved ride comfort. A


    Sep 21, 2022

  • Next-gen Suzuki Swift Sport could be offered with an SUV flavour

    While the fourth-generation (or third, if you don’t consider the Ignis as first-generation) Suzuki Swift Sport was introduced in Malaysia earlier this year, it is already in its fourth year in the model cycle. Come next year, an all-new Suzuki Swift is expected to be introduced and the Sport model a year after in 2023. Also read: All-new 5th-generation Suzuki Swift could debut next year Interestingly, BestCarWeb reports that there will be a new mini-SUV model from Suzuki, which will be based on


    Nov 30, 2021

  • 2021 Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC33S) in Malaysia – Who is it for exactly?

    The Suzuki Jimny is apparently all the rage now. Despite the internet complaining about its price, the first two shipments have already been sold out. It’s clear that if you found the right niche, what the internet thinks doesn’t matter at all. Before the Jimny, it was the Swift Sport (ZC33S) that spearheaded Suzuki’s re-entry to Malaysia and it too had pricing complaints. But we’ve been told that there are far less units sold compared to the Jimny, even if the Swift Sport is cheaper and offers


    Oct 5, 2021

  • Review: 2021 Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC33S) – Is the 6AT a deal-breaker?

    Traditionally, hot hatches are defined by their manual transmission (MT), although some hot hatches are available with an automatic. So, when new Suzuki distributor Naza Eastern Motor launched the 2021 ZC33S Suzuki Swift Sport in an auto-only format, not only did it raised some eyebrows, it also piqued our curiosity on if it would be a good fit for the venerable Swift Sport. After all, coming from me and my manual-swapped Suzuki Swift, a hot hatch is not complete without the stick shift. Can the


    Sep 29, 2021

  • 2021 Suzuki Swift Sport launched in Singapore: 48V MHEV debuts in ASEAN region, 6MT only

    The 2021 Suzuki Swift Sport has been introduced in Singapore, roughly two months after the hot hatch was launched in Malaysia. Singapore is the first country in the ASEAN region to receive the Swift Sport with a 48V mild-hybrid (MHEV) system. Under the hood lies the turbocharged 1.4-litre K14D four-cylinder petrol engine that does 129 PS and 235 Nm, hooked up to a 48V mild-hybrid (MHEV) system. Power output Model Power (PS) Torque (Nm) Swift Sport 140 230 Swift Sport (48V) 129 235 Power figures


    May 5, 2021

  • After losses with Kia, Peugeot, and Citroen, can Naza do better with Suzuki?

    The heydays of Naza is over but is anyone surprised with outcome? Within just one generation since the passing of its founder the late Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin, Naza has lost all the crowning jewels of their once fledging automotive empire – Kia, Peugeot, Citroen, Harley Davidson, and Aprillia. At its peak in 2006, Naza was selling more cars than Honda Malaysia – 35,998 units of Kia (including licensed Naza-badged Kia models) versus 26,527 units of Honda. Starting 2021, Naza wants to start on a cle


    Apr 13, 2021

  • Why did Malaysia get the Suzuki Swift Sport ahead of Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore?

    While everyone is focused on the lack of a six-speed manual on the recently-introduced 2021 Suzuki Swift Sport, not many actually realized that Malaysia has launched the Swift Sport ahead of bigger / more influential (for Suzuki) neighbours. Indeed, Malaysia got the Swift Sport ahead of markets where Suzuki has a larger presence, like Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. At the moment, the only other market to offer the Swift Sport officially in this region is Brunei, but their market is too smal


    Apr 12, 2021

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