2019 Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8G User Reviews

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I am so wonder how Toyota could control their fuel economy so great. Only 4.7-litre / 100 km for my 3 months driving with Toyota Corolla Altis. That’s so unbelievable! Besides, there are 7 airbags loaded, much more safe-reliable than its last generation.
So simple design of its interior… Only a small screen and few physical buttons. It might prevent being mess but well, just too simple and bland, I don’t like it so much.


Not very spacious inside. Storage room are also limited, only 2 cup holders were equipped.


I am quite satisfying in Toyota Corolla Altis’s power because its buttery smooth power delivery could make up for its outright power.

Ride & Handling

Not the top-class handling in this segment but acceptable. It is understandable since Corolla is positioned as family-use.

Fuel Economy

Extraordinary! Toyota Corolla Altis gets a marvelous fuel economy performance!! I am a normal stuff in a company and need to drive to commute every day. As for now, my fuel economy is only 4.7-litre / 100 km, so great!!


Corolla is very comfortable to drive and I don’t’ feel tired after a long-distance drive. When at high speeds, the Corolla don’t have much noises. 


Looks quite exquisite! There are automatic halogen headlights and LED DRLs loaded!


Maybe someone would like the simple design of its interior, but not me. The most unsatisfying thing of Toyota Corolla Altis is its bland interior. Very small screen loaded, looks a bit cheap.

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