2018 Toyota Fortuner 2.4 VRZ AT 4x4 User Reviews

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The Fortuner surprises me with its quiet cabin. Although the wind noise can still be heard when on the highway. But it is already good enough. My parents say this Fortuner is the quietest car I’ve ever bought.
Interior space is not as big as what the exterior dimensions shown although it’s already enough.


I was cheated by its large dimension. Interior space is not as spacious as I imagined. Especially the rear headroom, quite limited. But kneeroom is OK, and the storage space is definitely the greatest.


My petrol SRZ Fortuner is very powerful, it offers me smooth power delivery experience. This car can speed up effortlessly.

Ride & Handling

Not bad handling for an SUV with such height and weight. It wouldn’t lean much even at high-speeds.

Fuel Economy

Err…What can I say, I get a reasonable fuel consumption around 10-litre / 100 km.


I’ve already mentioned the great sound proofing, and seats are supportive for thighs. Both contribute to the comfort of my Fortuner. 


The exterior is inherited from the Hilux so it looks quite familiar to me because my last car was exactly Hilux. And I think its exterior looks more aggressive than its previous generation.


The layout of the Fortuner’s interior looks comfortable and the touch-feeling of materials feels quite premium.

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