What is the difference between EFI and VVTI engine?

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  • Lawrence chin
    EFI simply means the engine is fuel injected and that's been the standard since the early 1990s. VVTI is Toyota's variable valve timing engine design that allows for variable timing of the camshaft.
  • What is the mileage of new Swift 2018?

    28.4 kmpl
    Key Specifications of Maruti Swift 2018 VDI
    ARAI Mileage28.4 kmpl
    Max Power (bhp@rpm)74bhp@4000rpm
    Max Torque (nm@rpm)190Nm@2000rpm
    Seating Capacity5
  • What is the best diesel engine among DDiS CRDi and TDCi?

    However these engines are notorious for turbo lag below 2000 rpm. CRDI : Hyundai's version of this technology results in a powerful and refined engine that comes at the cost of fuel efficiency. TDCI : Ford has tuned this engine to provide a linear spread of torque that makes it enjoyable to drive.
  • What is Nissan VTEC?

    VTEC alters the lift of the intake valves instead of retarding or advancing the timing...it offers economy AND decent performance in the same motor. It just doesn't run on the extra cam lobe all the time thus they don't do much until you engage the VTEC.7 dic 2006
  • Why is the Jeep 4.0 so good?

    The 4.0 liter engine certainly doesn't put out much power by modern standards, but it offered solid performance for its era. Jeep 4.0 engines also use a simple design that provides lasting longevity and reliability. There's a reason Chrysler and Jeep kept an AMC built engine around for 20 years.29 jun 2021
  • How does camshaft affect performance?

    Adjusting the camshafts so the cams are slightly ahead or behind will alter the engine's performance. Advancing the timing will cause the fuel intakes to open and close earlier, which improves low-end torque. Conversely, retarding the cam will improve high-end horsepower at the expense of low-end torque.11 feb 2021

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