What does TFSI stand for?

1 Answer:
  • Chew Yin Yee
    turbo fuel stratified injection
    Audi's most utilised engine is the turbo fuel stratified injection (TFSI). The turbo aspect is denoted by fuel being pressure-injected into the combustion chamber of the engine to create an instant charge.
  • Is the E63 a good car?

    The E63 S controls its mass exceptionally well, feeling agile and wieldy for something its size and weight. Its curb weight is around 4600 pounds, but the accurate steering has good feel and delivers both arrow-straight high-speed stability and decisive cornering responses.12 oct 2020
  • How much does it cost to supercharge a BMW?

    G1 Supercharger System - $7,495 (up to 150-180whp) G1+ SC Kits - $8,995 (180-220+whp gain)1 oct 2021
  • How much HP can S55 handle?

    The stock S55 fueling is able to keep up with 100% E85 up to roughly 600whp. Though, it is important to pay attention to AFR's. You must also have the appropriate tune to keep up with the demanding fuel flow. A JB4 alone can handle up to 30% E85.1 feb 2022
  • Does Whipple do financing?

    We understand that no one expects emergency plumbing, HVAC, and electrical repairs. As a result, we offer multiple affordable financing options.
  • Is Turbo or ProCharger better?

    From an efficiency standpoint, the turbocharger has an advantage. It takes wasted exhaust and turns it into something useful. Meanwhile, a supercharger won't do this and acts more like a naturally aspirated engine. However, with a turbocharger comes lag.21 feb 2018