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    Moisture breaks down the bond between the glass and the backing product causing the silver layer to chip off leaving the mirror with black spots or edges wherever the silver layer is damaged. This can also break down due to age, incorrect glass cleaners, or faulty manufacturing.
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  • Which side is left and right?

    Part of a video titled Left and Right Song - YouTube
    Help you learn right don't forget if you hold up your left hand your thumb and index finger and makeMoreHelp you learn right don't forget if you hold up your left hand your thumb and index finger and make the shape of an L fellows. For left stranger raise your left. Hand. I need your right hand.
  • What is the penalty for failing to stop after an accident?

    Imprisonment is uncommon except in the most serious cases. However, anyone found guilty of failing to stop will receive 5–10 penalty points on their licence, and a disqualification from driving will be at the discretion of the court.
  • Will my car pass MOT with wing mirror taped on?

    Excepting older cars, one of these two mirrors must be fitted on the offside of the vehicle. So, if it's the N/S mirror which is damaged, and there are also O/S and interior mirrors, simply remove it and tape over the hole. If, however the O/S mirror is damaged, then, it must be in a secure condition to pass the MOT.31 jul 2009
  • Can you take apart a side mirror?

    The mirror housing bolts through the door, a mirror motor is mounted inside the housing and the mirror lens mounts to the motor. To disassemble a mirror, you must follow a logical process of removing each piece. In doing so, you will make the task quicker and easier.
  • Why parabolic mirrors are used in headlights?

    A parabolic concave mirror is used in the headlamps of the car as a reflector. These mirrors are capable of directing the light at a particular point as they have converging power. These mirrors provide clear visibility in nights and fog.

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