Should we keep Broken mirror?

1 Answer:
  • Foo King
    A broken mirror should never be kept in a house as it can trigger negative energy. A broken or cracked mirror can lead to inauspicious results. The negative energy of a cracked mirror directly affects the family members. If a crack appears on a mirror, immediately throw it out of the house.16 may 2020
  • When did cars get side mirrors?

    Even until the late 1980s, new cars didn't come pre-installed with passenger side-view mirrors. It cost extra and had to be installed by the dealership if a buyer wanted one.1 dic 2019
  • Can you drive with damaged wing mirror?

    Damaged or missing wing-mirrors

    Although it may not result in a direct fine, driving with a broken, missing or cracked wing-mirror can result in your vehicle being pulled over by the police.
    24 mar 2021
  • What is the price of mirror?

    Glass Mirror at Rs 90/square feet(s) | Glass Mirrors | ID: 11422481848.
  • How much does it cost to repair a mirror?

    It costs an average of $214 to repair or resilver a mirror, with a typical range of between $107 and $340. At the very low end, it can be done for $49, and at the high end, it can cost as much as $500.
  • What do you do with a broken mirror spiritually?

    Toss the Broken Mirror into a South Running Stream

    This is a tip that works if you have a bit more time, and all else has failed. Toss the pieces into a south running stream. This will wash away the bad luck in only seven HOURS instead of seven years.