How did Sonic become Sonic EXE?

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  • Wesley Wong Soo Ming
    The story of Sonic.exe starts in 2011, when a web user by the name “JC the Hyena” posted a short story to the Creepypasta Wiki that described a disturbing and violent Sonic game his friend supposedly mailed him. It came with a warning that he should not play it.29 may 2017
  • Where is Sonic based?

    Oklahoma City
    Sonic Drive-In
    Sonic's headquarters in Oklahoma City United States.
    FoundedJune 18, 1953 (as Top Hat Drive-In) Shawnee, Oklahoma, U.S.
    FounderTroy Smith
    HeadquartersOklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.
  • Is Shadow the hedgehog 50 years old?

    After the project was forcibly shut down by the government, Shadow was put into stasis for 50 years and then awakened by Dr. Eggman, Gerald's grandson, to help him take over the world.
    Shadow the Hedgehog
    Biographical information
    Age18 (physically) 50+ (chronologically)
  • Is Sonic EXE a virus?

    What does Sonic.exe mean? Sonic.exe is a viral horror story that concerns an evil version of the video game character, Sonic the Hedgehog.1 mar 2018
  • What is Dr Robotnik's real name?

    Dr. Ivo Robotnik
    In the newly-released Sonic the Hedgehog movie, Jim Carrey's red-loving, mustachioed villain is called Dr. Ivo Robotnik. But, during an important moment, James Marsden's character calls him “Eggman” as an insult.16 feb 2020
  • What kind of car does Sonic Drive?

    The Speed Star (スピードスター, Supīdosutā?) is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is Sonic the Hedgehog's personal sports car for racing competitions.