What is the price of Chevrolet Aveo in India?

1 Answer:
  • Desmond Chong
    Chevrolet Aveo price list (Variants)
    VariantEx-Showroom Price
    Aveo 1.4 LT ABS BS III1399 cc, Manual, Petrol, 14.49 kmplEXPIREDRs.7.09 Lakh*
    Aveo 1.4 LT ABS1399 cc, Manual, Petrol, 14.49 kmplEXPIREDRs.7.10 Lakh*
    Aveo 1.6 LT with ABS1598 cc, Manual, Petrol, 14.2 kmplEXPIREDRs.7.25 Lakh*
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