How much horsepower does a 2012 Chevy Sonic Turbo have?

1 Answer:
    138 horsepower
    The Sonic's 1.4L Ecotec turbocharged engine is SAE certified at 138 horsepower (103 kW) – 18 horsepower (14 kW) more than Ford Fiesta and is essentially the same engine used in the Chevrolet Cruze in a smaller, lighter package designed for a greater feeling of performance. The turbo engine is also rated at 148 ft.15 sept 2011
  • Is Sonic the fastest hedgehog?

    1. Sonic the Hedgehog. While he's gained some impressive competition, Sonic remains the franchise's overall-fastest character. His top speed seemingly rises and falls between games, but this is likely because Sonic rarely utilizes his full power.14 jul 2020