What is the top speed of Mahindra Thar 2021?

1 Answer:
  • jeff yang
    Ans : The Mahindra Thar offers a top speed of 155kmph.
  • Does KWID have airbags?

    Renault India has announced that all variants of the Kwid will now come with dual airbags as standard.2 sept 2021
  • Is 800cc enough power for car?

    1 Answers: Both the engines (800cc and 1000cc) have sufficient power to carry five passengers on an up-hill road. However, make sure that you use the right gear to have right amount of torque on the wheels. You would get most amount of torque in the first gear and then the second and so on.7 jul 2015
  • Which car has most fans in India?

    Leading car brands on Facebook India 2020, by number of fans

    The most popular car brand on Facebook in India as of April 2020 was Hyundai India with over 12.3 million fans. Among the top car brands on the social media platform, four belonged to models of Mahindra.
    4 may 2020
  • Does Renault KWID have resale value?

    Does Renault Kwid have good resale value? As the Renault Kwid is quite popular in the new car market, it's even in demand in the used car market. This leads to a reasonably good resale value, which can be compared to that of the Maruti Alto.
  • Is Ford 1.0 EcoBoost any good?

    It has good performance, it's good to drive, and it's comfortable. It's also a practical five-door, five-seat family hatchback. It has excellent official economy and emissions figures of 56.5 mpg and 114g/km CO2. Because of all this, the Ford Focus 1-litre EcoBoost gets a Green Car Guide rating of 9 out of 10 .