Does using heater in car use fuel?

1 Answer:
  • Nickson Liew
    The answer is yes, your car heater does use fuel to operate. But it recycles heat which is already being used to power the car from the engine, so the extra fuel used by the heaters won't be an excessive amount.23 feb 2017
  • Why Skoda Rapid is the best car?

    Best Experience Car

    Very nice driving experience, or smooth driving. Low maintenance cost, or very good diesel engine and mileage.
  • Which model of Renault Kwid is best?

    @ Jalaj | Renault Kwid RXT (o) is the best variant as it consisits of all the features that normal car has driver airbags,ac, Touch screen, rear camera and navigation......
  • Is Kwid good for long drive?

    1 Answers: Yes, in my opinion Renault Kwid can be used for long drives, it has good amount of headroom and shoulder room. Seats are comfortable for long drive and offers good support and 300 liters of boot space is quite accommodating and it can be enlarged by folding the rear seat backrest down.
  • Is 5.0 or EcoBoost more reliable?

    When it comes to reliability, there is no clear winner between the 3.5L EcoBoost and the 5.0L Coyote. Both engines are generally reliable. Ford addressed a few well-documented issues with the 2011-2016 EcoBoost engines in the 2017+ engine.8 nov 2021
  • How many gears are there in Kwid car?

    5-Speed gears
    There are 5-Speed gears available in Renault KWID.