Which is better Skoda Rapid or Verna?

1 Answer:
  • Farzana Rodzi
    Verna provides the mileage of 17.7 kmpl and Rapid provides the mileage of 15.41 kmpl.
    Verna vs Rapid Comparison Overview.
    Key HighlightsVernaRapid
    Price₹ 9.32 Lakh₹ 6.99 Lakh
    Engine Capacity1497 cc1598 cc
    Power113 bhp104 bhp
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    Jokes apart, Hollis made it abundantly clear that Skoda Auto India is not going anywhere. He clarified that by pointing out the Czech automaker had invested a whopping ₹8,000 crore into India over the last year three years.30 sept 2021
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