Is Skoda Rapid good for taxi?

1 Answer:
  • Desan Winston
    For a narrow body and a big boot the Skoda Rapid was good enough for quite a few taxi drivers to pick it. But all the engines are turbo and belt cam.22 feb 2019
  • Is VTEC better than TSI?

    Rapid TSI provides the mileage of 18.97 kmpl and All New City provides the mileage of 17.8 kmpl.
    Specifications and Finance.
    Acceleration (0-100 kmph) (seconds)
    Engine Type(Know More)
    1.0 TSI1.5 i-VTEC with VTC
    Fuel Type (Know More)
  • What year GT500 is best?

    The GT500s stand as some of the most unique and best Ford Mustangs ever built. And this 2013 model is yet another one that stuck in the minds of gearheads for years until 760 hp was enough for Ford's best-performing factory Mustang. The 2013 GT500 took radical steps forward in terms of power.14 feb 2021
  • What is TSI in Skoda?

    TSI is short for 'Turbocharged Stratified Injection' and essentially indicates that the engine is turbocharged.
  • How much boost does a GT500 have?

    4.2, 4.7 boost based on ATI 15% 8.1” damper. Stock 7.1 is 5 psi less boost than 8.1”. 18000 max supercharger RPM.
  • Why is Scorpio car famous?

    Mahindra Scorpio is quite popular for its reliability and longevity. Many people in India have done thousands of kilometres in the SUV without any major issue with the powertrain.8 sept 2020