Does Rapid have sunroof?

1 Answer:
  • EW Ong
    The 2020 Skoda Rapid is longer and wider than the current model, offering more space and comfort for rear occupants. It also comes with electric sunroof.25 mar 2021
  • Which car is similar to Renault KWID?

    Renault Kwid's 1L engine also gives out 67 hp of power and 91 Nm of torque.
    Renault Kwid 1L price & spec comparison with rivals.
    Model (Only 1L variants)Price (Ex-Delhi)
    Maruti Suzuki Alto K10Rs. 3.30-4.16 lakh
    Renault KwidRs. 3.88 - 4.31 lakh
    Hyundai EonRs. 4.17 - 4.55 lakh
    Datsun Redi-Go*Rs. 3.68 - 4.10 lakh **
    7 feb 2017
  • Is 800 cc car good for long drive?

    Yes, you can go for a long drive in Alto 800, although there is no problem with its 800cc engine but as per user reviews it tends to get uncomfortable when you hit broken or uneven surfaces at even moderately high speeds and it doesn't feel stable beyond the speed of 80-85 kmph.
  • How many km Scorpio can run?

    The life of this engine is among the best today and it can run for 500,000km without any problems as compared to 250,000km with the previous engine.2 jul 2012
  • Is the GT500 a 10 speed?

    The GT500's superior power-to-weight ratio shows up in the quarter-mile trap speed, where the GT500 is traveling 10-mph faster (132 mph versus the Corvette's 122 mph). Acceleration is only one of the GT500's talents.10 dic 2019
  • How many Shelby Cobra 427 were made?

    That's the case here, as this one is back in the hands of its original owner. Besides the 31 early 427 S/C models and 19 competition cars, 260 427 Cobras were built as street models, powered by either a 425-hp 427 V8 or a 360-hp 428 Police Interceptor unit.