Who owned Suzuki?

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  • Aniza Dzulkifli
    Logo since 1990
    Suzuki headquarters in Hamamatsu
    OwnersThe Master Trust Bank of Japan (10.65%) Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd (5.24%) Toyota (4.94%) Tokio Marine Nichido (3.70%) MUFG Bank (3.30%) Shizuoka Bank (2.49%) JPMorgan Chase (2.35%) BNY Mellon (1.84%) Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd (Trust port 5) (1.70%)
  • What is the top speed of duster?

    The top speeds are 111mph and 108mph respectively. The 4x4's short gearing can make the Duster difficult to drive smoothly, so we'd avoid this version unless you regularly tow heavy loads or spend lots of time off-road.
  • What is 1L turbo engine?

    The 1.0 litre turbo petrol engines produce around 100-120 PS power, which is equivalent to 1.5L naturally aspirated engines. But this high power is produced only at high RPMs. Majority of the driving is spent in lower RPMs (3000-3500 and below).21 oct 2021
  • What cars can beat a Hellcat redeye?

    7 American Cars That Are Quicker Than Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye And Cost Less
    • Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (2013-2014)
    • Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR-1 (2009-2013)
    • Ford Mustang RTR Spec 3 (2018-present)
    • Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 (2014-2019)
    • Dodge Viper SRT-10 (2008-2010)
    • Ford Mustang ROUSH Stage 3 (2018-present)
    20 sept 2021
  • Does Kwid have AC?

    Even though Renault has added the basic safety features to this variant, we do not recommend the STD variant of the Kwid. It does not get air conditioning and power steering and both these are basic features that we expect in any modern-day car, even in the entry-level space.8 feb 2019
  • How fast is Renault Kwid?

    Technical specs of Renault Kwid
    Engine & Transmission
    Fuel TypePetrol
    Clutch Type-
    Top Speed135 Kmph
    Acceleration (0-100 kmph)16 Seconds