What's bigger focus or Puma?

1 Answer:
  • Adrinna Ali
    The Puma sits in the Ford SUV lineup between the EcoSport and Kuga , and while it's based on the Ford Fiesta platform it feels considerably bigger thanks to its sporty crossover stance and a boot that's more spacious than a Focus hatchback.
  • Can you run E85 in EcoBoost?

    Ethanol compatibility: Today's EcoBoost engines can't use E85, which has several properties that make it better to use in an EcoBoost engine than in a conventional non-turbo engine.15 Jul 2009
  • Is the 4 cylinder EcoBoost a good engine?

    It is a 4-cylinder turbo engine that remains among the strongest among all the engines that fall under the EcoBoost family. Ford based the 2.3 EcoBoost engine on its 2.0 second-generation counterpart. The two have several things in common, including the height of the deck and the size of the bore.
  • What does 1.5 l DOHC mean?

    To put it shortly, DOHC refers to Dual Overhead Camshaft, SOHC refers to Single Overhead Camshaft, and OHV refers to Overhead Valve. To better understand what these mean, it is important to know how a typical 4 stroke engine works (this is the type of engine you would find in any modern car).12 Aug 2019
  • Is the Ford 1.5 3 cylinder EcoBoost problems?

    The known common problems of the Ford 1.5 Ecoboost engine are: The Problem Of Overheating Has Been Exceeding. There Can Be Damage To Different Parts Of The Motor. Misfires Are More Common Than You'd Think.
  • Is EcoSport fast?

    Ans : The Ford EcoSport compact SUV with EcoBoost powertrain hits a top speed of 190kmph which is pretty impressive. While the 1.5L gasoline model is capable of attaining a top speed of 160-170kmph, the diesel model remains stable at a top speed of 165-175kmph.