What is the most reliable Ford engine ever made?

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  • justin lee
    The mighty 7.3 liter Powerstroke V8 Diesel is not just one of the best engines Ford ever fitted in a truck, it's one of the most popular engines ever fitted in a truck of any kind. Ford sold over 2 million Super Duty's fitted with the 7.3, and the engine is well known for its reliability and performance.
  • What BHP is a Focus 1.5 EcoBoost?

    Power147 bhp
    Top Speed130 mph
    0-60 mph8.5 secs
    Torque240 Nm, 177 ft-lb
    CO2 Emissions132 g/km
  • What is the CC of Innova?

    Key Specifications of Toyota Innova
    ARAI Mileage11.4 kmpl
    Fuel TypePetrol
    Engine Displacement (cc)1998
    No. of cylinder4
    Max Power (bhp@rpm)130.1bhp@5600rpm
  • Can you run E85 in EcoBoost?

    Ethanol compatibility: Today's EcoBoost engines can't use E85, which has several properties that make it better to use in an EcoBoost engine than in a conventional non-turbo engine.15 Jul 2009
  • What happened to Ford EcoBoost?

    Ford changed out the original EcoBoost engine in 2017, replacing it with a second-generation version which was installed in the F-150, the Expedition, and Navigator.24 Feb 2020
  • Is the 1.5 EcoBoost a good motor?

    All in all, the 1.5 EcoBoost is a solid engine with a good balance of power, reliability, and efficiency. Although, no engine is perfect and that applies to the 1.5 turbo inline-4 too. In this article, we discuss a few common Ford 1.5 EcoBoost engine problems as well as overall reliability.13 May 2021